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How to honor family members who were unable to be at the wedding

Many couples have family members who could not be at their wedding, but have a special place in their heart. Over the years, there have been a number of ways that couples honor these family members on their wedding day.

  1. Memory Table with pictures

    1. This way the guests at the wedding know that although your loved ones could not be there on your special day, they are still important aspects of the day.

  2. A locket

    1. This is something that you can keep to yourself by putting it on the inside of your jacket or on your bouquet in memory of them.

  3. Put their pictures on designated chairs for the ceremony

    1. This allows you to look into the crowd and even see the ones who would have been there if heaven wasn't so far away.

  4. Keep a piece of them with you

    1. Whether it is using your fathers' tie or your grandmother's veil, using these accessories on your wedding day will make it feel like they are with you.

It is difficult to go on with your wedding day without the family members who have left this earth too early. These techniques are great ways to honor them and remember them on one of the most important days of your life.

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