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Traditionally, send offs began by tossing rice around the couple to signify good fortune, fertility, and prosperity. Since there was controversy about rice being harmful to birds (which is not true), couples have began coming up with more modern ways to have their friends and family send them off as newlyweds! Below are a list of some pros and cons to the latest popular trends in wedding send offs!

There is the common sparkler exit which can light up your picture and allow the photographer to capture some great shots of the newlyweds walking down an aisle of their closest friends and family. Unfortunately, sparklers are not always the best option because it is difficult to get all of the sparklers lit and keep them lit before the couple walks down the aisle. It also becomes problematic because when some people have fire and are intoxicated, they can become reckless. This has led venues and even wedding planners incorporating an insurance clause regarding sparklers.

Another frequent option that couples use is bubbles! These are a great option because there is no clean up after the send off, and the children at the wedding can take them home to play with! I believe that it is difficult to be able to create enough bubbles for the send off to be seen in the photos. Otherwise, this is a fun and cute way to send off the newlyweds!

The third popular option for wedding send offs (and one of my personal favorites) is glow sticks! These are great for send offs, but they are also entertaining to use on the dance floor! They create beautiful pictures and they make the night so much fun! The only downside with glow sticks is the clean up, but they are not too difficult to pick up or sweep up at the end of the night!

There are many other ways to send off the bride and groom after their wedding day, these are just a few options. You could go back to tradition and throw rice, or you could even send off balloons! There are plenty of options to choose from that you and your guests will love!

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