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Wedding Traditions and Rituals

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Many couples have traditions and rituals that they want to incorporate into their wedding. One common ritual is the bride and groom taking two smaller lit candles to light one bigger candle as a sign of two people becoming one is a very popular symbol of their unity. Another similar tradition is done with sand as seen in our picture below.

We worked a wedding where the bride had necklaces for each of her bridesmaids and they were placed under the wedding cake by the mother of the bride and I. In order for the bridesmaids to get their necklace, they had to pull it out from under the cake and read the reason behind the necklace. It was a very unique and sentimental way for the bride to honor and gift the bridesmaids.


We respect and honor all traditions and cultures in our clients wedding. We look forward to having a diverse clientele that have different traditions that we get to learn about!

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