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Struggling with Time Management?

One of the biggest things that brides struggle with after getting engaged is juggling work, family, friends, and wedding planning. Some important things to remember when feeling overwhelmed by wedding planning is to

  1. Take a step back

    1. Things dont HAVE to be done right now. You can take a minute to gather your thoughts. If you get too overwhelmed and push yourself too far you may even end up missing key details that you would have noticed if you had taken a break.

  2. Remember to take time for you.

    1. You (along with your spouse) are the most important aspects of this event so it would be pointless if you stressed out about the planning so much that you don't get to enjoy the aspects leading up to your wedding day. Step away from everything, turn off your phone, draw a bath, light a candle and read a book. You deserve it!

  3. Delegate (Don't be afraid to ask for help)

    1. Let one of your family members worry about the planning of the Bridal Shower. Let your Maid or Matron of Honor worry about the batchelorette weekend, and about making sure the other bridesmaids know what to do. You could even hire someone to help out with the Bridal Shower (hint, Weot Weddings does bridal showers).


    1. Don't fret about every detail about your wedding day, you have a life to live and enjoy. This process should be exciting and stress-free! Hire a wedding planner to take care of those tedious issues such as a timeline, checking in with vendors to confirm contracts and timelines, and getting quotes from vendors for their services.

I was maid of honor at my best friends wedding and as a friend I honored her decision to not get a planner. However, I feel bad for not pushing one on her because she was so stressed out about her wedding and there was nothing I could have done to help her. I wish she could have had a planner because she had just started a new job, got a new house, and was planning a wedding all at the same time. I know wedding planners seem pointless and expensive for some people, but they are lifesavers for others.

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